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A Symphony of


Industry Leaders

BCG offers a wide range of professional services from project management to scheduling, cost estimating & constructability reviews, value engineering, claims analysis, quality control inspections & procurement services.

We also offer a host of other pre-construction services ranging from program management and planning to contractor procurement & bid processing.

Construction Management

Our CM's are highly experienced & knowledgeable.

General Contracting

Our GC's ensure that all work is completed correctly and on time.

Project Management

Our PM's act as an extension of the client’s internal team.

Construction Management

Our Construction Management services generally begin during the pre-construction phase of a project. Not only do we work hand-in-hand with the design architect, we also help to set the budget and schedule of the project. Once work commences we work with onsite managers who handle the projects during construction.

BCG Construction Managers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in advising project owners and leading teams of construction workers, including the general contractor.

Our Construction Managers are responsible for setting and keeping schedules, monitoring finances, and making certain that all contractors are doing what they should every day.

General Contracting

Involved during construction and in the daily direction and operation of projects, our General Contractors ensure that all work is completed correctly and on time.

We take care of the hiring of subcontractors, like plumbers and carpenters, for specialized work. This leaves the owners, along with the rest of the management staff time to focus on the larger items.

We work on-site with our team of subcontractors to ensure work is completed on time, within budget & to a high standard.

Project Management

Our Project Managers are involved in all aspects of the real estate project, including pre-construction activities, construction administration and post-construction. We work to understands our client’s goals and priorities, and ensures that all project consultants are in line with these goals.

We manage the human resources according to the target capacity, budget, time frame, and quality of the project. 

We are on-site throughout the project, but in contrast to a GC or CM, our Project Managers oversee the entire project from pre-construction to close-out, not just construction. Typically this means we’re managing the Construction Manager and/or the General Contractor on your behalf.

We think of our Project Managers as an extension of the client’s internal team, one that is able to guide all consultants in accordance with the client’s goals. 

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